Baby with the Bathwater
Seattle Fringe Festival, September 2002
(c) 2005  Edge Theatre Ensemble
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“I don’t know the lyrics.”

So says well-intentioned John in Christopher Durang’s Baby with the
Bathwater when asked to sing a lullaby to his child (girl? boy? They
never checked.) The parents in Durang’s world are lost:  self-absorbed,
inconsistent, and a bit like children themselves.  Frankly, they have no
idea how to raise a child, which raises the question: so who does?

Set in the Material World of 1980s middle class America, where
“knowledge” and “happiness” are bottled, sealed, stamped, sold in
paperback, and available at your local pharmacy, the focus is on the
absurd life of Daisy, the luckless child of two “parent-children”.  As we
travel through stages of Daisy’s ridiculous life, questions begin to
arise.  What does it mean to be a good parent?  How much can one
grow and change, and how much is ingrained?  

And how bad is it really to call your child a baked potato??

- D. Cosby, 2002

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