Our Mission
Terror is fundamental to the human condition, and is constantly being
given new meaning in today’s world. Nothing makes the human being
feel more alive than direct confrontation with what we fear, in all of its
forms. It is a conflict that presents itself in the smallest of dramatic actions
and the greatest of human endeavors. Without this confrontation, there
can be no truthfulness in life or in art.

This realisation is what inspires us to bring people together in the
experience of theatre. Theatre invites us all to “come to the brink”, through
a commitment to risk-taking, truth-telling, and experimentation. It is the
journey of every person involved in the act of creating theater, audience
member, community member, and artist.
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So saying, we propose that Edge Theatre
Ensemble will strive to find the danger and the
challenge in our work and run towards it rather
than away from it.

As an ensemble, through our study of the actor’s
craft, we will discover and embrace those truths
which frighten us most, and strive to find new
ways to use these in our work.

As political, spiritual, and social beings, we will
explore the eternal aspects of the human
condition, as well as the contemporary issues of
our day, and attempt to investigate and reveal
these boldly in visceral theatrical form.
As community members, we will reflect the
diversity of that community within the
ensemble, and stretch common perceptions
of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality with
an art-form that essentially resists
limitations. We will seek to join with our
community to deeply explore relevant issues
close to home.

And as individuals, supported within an
ensemble of empathy, communication, and
trust, we will return again and again to the
edge of our own personal artistic safety, and
joyfully, take the next step.