Production Photos
(c) 2005  Edge Theatre Ensemble
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Grin in A Dream Play
Last scene of A Dream Play
A Dream Play
Set Design by Terry Podgorski
Amie St. Amour and Robert Walker in A Dream Play
Baby with the Bathwater
Kelley Faulker, Lindsey Newman, Precious Butiu in A Dream Play
Owen Yen and Annie Katica Green in A Dream Play
Agnes goes to Fairhaven in A Dream Play
Jim Hamerlinck and Susan Alotrico in
Baby with the Bathwater
Antigone & Ismene
A Dream Play
Mother Courage and Her Children
Annie Katica Green in Mother Courage and her Children
Ralph Bodenner in Baby with the Bathwater
Cast of Antigone sound circle
Grin and Owen Yen in A Dream Play