Tongues - September 2007
Tongues, a voice and percussion piece by Sam Shepard and Joseph Chaikin, was presented on
September 8th, 2007, at the Second Annual Smoke Farm Festival in Arlington, Washington. The
theme for the festival was "Pataphysical New Year."

The piece was performed by Ensemble members Cathleen O'Malley, Amie St. Amour, Owen Yen
, and
Original music was developed by Andy Clawson and directed by Owen Yen. Dorothy Cosby
Atkinson directed.

We performed outdoors, around a campfire late at night- perhaps the best place and time to share
"ghost stories." The actors brought to life the voices of ordinary people, people with dreams, people
seeking to find their voice, and people encountering death: the death of loved ones, their own death.
(c) 2005  Edge Theatre Ensemble
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Photos by David Rueter